Best Wishes to our 2018 Graduation Seniors

It’s hard to say good bye to our graduation seniors. Best wishes on your future endeavors and remember the door is always open for you at Dance Inc.

Amanda Bentley has been part of our Dance Inc. family for the last 7 years. She is grateful that her studio experience “has taught her more than pas de bourrees and calypsos”. It has been a place where she could express herself not words, but in movement. Congratulations to Amanda on her recent graduation from Marquette High School. She will be attending Missouri State University to study Information Technology in the Honors College program. We will certainly miss your sassy and fun energy Amanda!

Diana Biribin has loved dance since the moment she walked through the doors of Dance Incorporated at the age of 4. She reflects, “I believe dance is an art form that is so beautiful and it’s incredible to me the ways that I can express myself through dance.” Diana says she has made all of her best friends at the studio. She is a recent graduate of Marquette High School and feels lucky and proud to be able to continue her love of dance at the Conservatory of Dance at UMKC in the fall. We can hardly imagine the studio without you, Diana! Please come back to visit often.

Chloe Chamberlin joined the MPA Competition Team when she was 8 years old. She says Dance Inc. has given her unforgettable memories and she has learned some great life lessons in her time at the studio. Lessons she will carry with her forever. Chloe is grateful for the care and support of her teachers who have instilled in her a love to perform and a drive to excel. She is also motivated by the talent and determination of her teammates. Congratulations to Chloe on her recent graduation from Parkway Central High School. You will be able to see her this summer performing on the Muny stage! She plans to attend college to study musical theater. Chloe, your giant personality and presence will be missed! Best wishes to you as you continue pursuing your dreams.

Maggie Chismarich has been dancing since she was 3 years old and has been an important member or our Dance Inc. family for 3 years. She says that at Dance Inc. she has been provided with amazing opportunities, wonderful and dedicated teachers, and somehow managed to deepen her love of dance. Maggie attended Marquette High School and graduated Summa Cum Laude with straight A’s and a 4.324 GPA! She will be attending Mizzou this fall and plans to major in health professions with an emphasis in rehabilitation. She was accepted as a SHarP scholar so she has already been accepted to graduate school for physical therapy. We will miss your contagious happiness, Maggie!

Erin Keller, has been a part of our Dance Inc. family for fifteen years! She says, “from all of the classes, combos, routines, workouts, and life lessons, I have truly learned so much that I will never forget.” Erin recently graduated from Parkway West High School and will be attending Mizzou in the fall. Erin will take with her memories of all the amazing people and experiences Dance Inc. has brought her and will miss being in the studio each week. She especially wants to thank “Miss Ellie for 15 fantastic years at Dance Inc.!”

We will miss you too Erin! Your strength and dedication have been a huge asset to our competition team for so many years!

Clare Marie Kuebler has been an important part of our Dance Inc. family for fourteen years! Clare Marie thanks all her teachers for guiding her and sharing their knowledge in so many different ways. She says, “In these fourteen years I have found myself as an artist and as a person, learned from many mistakes, and built confidence that will help me in my future endeavors. Next year my life may not be the same, but my love for dance always will be.” Clare Marie will be attending the University of Missouri-Columbia in the fall where she will dance as a Mizzou Golden Girl, which has “forever” been a dream of hers. She is also excited to spend a week in New York City in July as she has been accepted to train in the Rockettes Summer Intensive program. Dance Inc. could not be more proud of you Clare Marie! Your grace, beauty and talent will be missed.

Melanie Sallis has been a great addition to our MPA competition dance team this year - we so wish she could have been part of our Dance Inc. family for much longer! She thanks Dance Incorporated for “making dance a favorite part of my day!” Congratulations to Melanie on her graduation from Marquette High School. She will be attending the University of Arizona but promises to come back and visit the studio often.

Rachel Schumacher as a first year MPA Competition Team member, says she grew as a dancer and felt very welcomed at Dance Incorporated. We wish you could have danced with us longer! Congratulations to Rachel on her recent graduation from Parkway West High School. We wish her well as she attends Mizzou in the fall.

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